Is a pinguecula or pterygium contagious?

A: No.  They are calcium buildup on your eye which really just a reaction.

Can a pinguecula or pterygium go away on its own?

A: No. It can only be excised/removed.

Can a pinguecula or pterygium be treated?

A: The swelling can be significantly reduced using certain types of eye drops.

New research from 2011 shows very promising results of injections of bevacizumab which significantly reduce the size of pterygia.  See http://www.eyeworld.org/article.php?sid=5931

What foods, natural products or vitamins help to heal a pinguecula or pterygium?

A: There is no evidence support this, but many testimonials support a variety of treatment solutions – See our Natural Treatment page

Can laptops or computers cause a pinguecula or pterygium?

A:There is no short answer to this question, but more research is being done as time goes on.  Pterygia and pingueculae are caused by UV light so it depends on the kind of screen you are using:

LEDs: Yes – see http://www.nouvir.com/index.cfm?ref=90200&ref2=9

“Medical scientists have discovered that blue light is strongly absorbed in the retina tissues. This absorption, if at high energy levels like that found in welding, has the capability to ultimately cause ocular problems such as macular degeneration and retina damage.”

“There is growing evidence implicating welding as a possible risk factor for uveal melanoma. The major culprit is high-energy blue light exposure” High energy blue light filtration: An evidence-based assessment www.eyeworld.org/ewsupplementarticle.php?id=295


Why does my face turn red after using the computer?

A: (.. researching in progress.. )


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